New Beginnings

Every January, we always here the same saying, “new year, new me”. Many people make resolutions hoping to accomplish new milestones in their lives. There is nothing wrong with that, but too many of us attempt to start over fresh while still carrying last year’s baggage. If we still have last year’s resentments and attitudes from our past failures and goals we didn’t accomplish, we are in for more disappointment. As we begin a new year, God’s Spirit, who dwells within us, can start with a blank page and create a new environment. We have to allow God to take charge, he can bring new energy and sparkle to the coming months. With God’s help, let’s lay aside all the disappointments, pain, and misgivings of the past year and start over fresh. Let Him set the goals that will bring glory to Him through the life we live in this new year.
– xoxo


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